GMFRS Golf Society Constitution

The Rules and regulations for the society are based on the 'rules of golf' as laid out by the Royal and Ancient.

The Handicap System is maintained on a club basis with category 1: being deducted 0.1 Category 2: 0.2 category 3: 0.3 and category 4: 0.4 per shot over par with further deductions available at the discrestion of the Handicap Secretary and the Chairman.These rules were passed in the Annual general Meeting of  2008 as proposed by Keith Bradshaw.

It is prudent to play of your lowest available Handicap wether it is your society handicap rolled over from the previous season or your Club Handicap.

Measuring Devices are allowed under the guidance of R&A.

The format for the season is Seven Stableford Competitions and one Medal/Strokeplay round which is for the Chief Fire Officers trophy.


Below is the scoring method for Sheriff's Cup qualification.The top 8 players on the day score the points as detailed.In the event of on the day scores being the same the usual rules apply whereas card play off's determine outright winners and placed positions.Northern Fire Brigades points count towards your best 4 scores if needed. e.g. If you finish overall 5th in the Northern Fire Brigades you get the equivilent score of 16 points towards your total.You must also play at least 4 domestic GMFRS competitions to be eligible to qualify and not just Northern Fire Brigades!!

Points are scored as follows:

1st 36 points

2nd 28 points

3rd 24 points

4th 20 points

5th 16 points

6th 12 points

7th 8 points

8th 4 points