Points up to and including Worsley, no Northern FB points


Qualification for 2020 LEADERBOARD
Name Qualifying scores (Max 4) Points
Simon Whitehead 4   132
Ross Birch 4  72
Paul Morgan 4   68
Gary Parker 3   60
Andy Dawson 2 48
Rick Taylor 2  36
Jed Howarth 2 32
Carl Gleaves 1   28
Mark Riley 1   24
Steve Plets 1 24
Lee Lomas 1 24

2020 Sheriffs cup


2020 Sheriffs cup info can be found here


2020 Teams

First Team


 Second team



The qualification is as follows:

  • One 4 person team from each Brigade to qualify.
  • If there are any more allocation of 'Second' Teams there is a protocol to follow in accordance with FSSAA Rules And Regulations.
  • To qualify for GMC you must have a maximum handicap of 16.
  • 4 Best scores from within the season to count towards your total.
  • Top 4 in order of Merit to automatically qualify.
  • If a second team is invited it is then the next 4 in order of Merit for that season that go on and represent GMC at the Sheriff's Cup Competition.

4 best scores to count towards points